Solar system / Alternative theories; Автор: Svetlana Denisova | астрономия, научно-популярная литература, прочая образовательная литература, школьные учебники по астрономии

Обложка Solar system / Alternative theories | Svetlana Denisova

It is common opinion, that the orbits of the planets are unchanged, however, this is not so. In this changeable world there is nothing absolutely constant. So, orbits of planets are untwisting on spiral, which can be ascending or descending. The Sun is a very old star, so much, that most of its satellites are destroyed. Scientists believe, that the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were always such. This is a misconception. When and why did Atlantis die? Why mammoths disappeared? How the mammals appear in the ocean?
Perhaps, in this book you will find answer to these questions.

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