The Boy Who Brought Thunder; Автор: Lisa Walker, Adrian Coyne, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers | внеклассное чтение, детские журналы, книги для детей, литература для внеклассного чтения, список школьной литературы 10-11 класс

Обложка The Boy Who Brought Thunder | Lisa Walker, Adrian Coyne, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers

Along the eastern edge of Africa, with a coastline hugging the Indian Ocean, lies the beautiful country of Tanzania. In one corner of the vast plains of this country, there is a small village called Kwala. Furaha lives in this village with his Mother. Together, they harvest maize, which they use to prepare their food, ugali. But when there is a drought and the maize stops growing, the whole village suffers. Furaha must find a way to make the rains return and save his village. Through this magical story which recalls ancient rituals, beliefs and fantasy, Furaha discovers a way to bring the rains back to his village.

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